Senior Hockey Stick

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Our sticks are a true one piece carbon fiber construction. Available in 67, 77, 87, and 102 flexes in curves similar to PM9, P88, P92, P28.

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Epoxy Foam Core Blade

Gives the stick a balanced, lively feel, elasticity for more pop, and resists torsion for greater accuracy

Low Kick Construction

Tapered shaft and double concave sidewalls load and transfer energy to the puck more quickly

Senior Length

Measures 66" from butt to floor


At 435g our stick our stick is comparable in weight to most top of the line sticks

Curve Chart

pm9 curve diagram
pm9 curve profile view


  • 3/8" Mid‑Heel
  • Slightly Open
  • 5 lie
E4, P14, P45, PP96,
X9, W01, M
Great for passing, backhands, and stickhandling. Low lie is excellent for deep knee bend while skating and longer sticks. Small amount of blade rocker keeps most of the blade in contact with the ice.
p88 curve diagram
p88 curve profile view


  • 1/2" Mid
  • Neutral
  • 6 lie
E36, P40, PP88,
X88, W88, MC
Deep pocket offers exceptional puck control. Neutral toe makes it easier to keep shots down. Almost no blade rocker keeps all of the blade in contact with the ice. Toe is more square than our other curves.
p92 curve diagram
p92 curve profile view


  • 1/2" Mid-Toe
  • Open
  • 6 lie
E3, P29, PP26,
X92, W03, TC2
Open toe makes it easier to raise the puck. Blade rocker gives you the versatility to handle the puck both close to and away from your body. Blade is slightly longer and taller than P88.
p28 curve diagram
p28 curve profile view


  • 1/2" Toe
  • Open
  • 5 lie
E28, W28, TC4
Perfect for shooting from the toe. Dual lie gives you a low lie on the heel for passing and handling with a higher lie on the toe for snapping quick shots and pulling the puck in close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flex is the number of pounds of force it takes to bend the stick one inch in the center. A lower number means the stick is more flexible and less stiff. A higher number means the stick is less flexible and more stiff.

The best flex is the one that fits you and your game. Start with your weight divided by two and go up or down in flex depending on the characteristics you want.

hockey flex weight chart

The butt of your stick should be between your chin and your nose while wearing your skates or on your tip toes for ice and inline, and on your feet for dek.

hockey stick height chart

Cut the stick with a hack saw while it is held or clamped solidly in place. The fine teeth don't catch on the fibers and give a clean cut. You can also use a miter saw if you have one.

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